More than half the energy we use for heating and cooling is wasted. District Energy can play an important role to reducing CO2 emissions and increasing energy efficiency in our cities, communities and campuses. For this purpose, representative organisations of the District Energy sector, decided to join forces in leading the way to COP 15 in 2009. Together, these organisations focused their efforts into mobilising members, NGOs, municipal, regional and central governments and politicians for adequate climate action. Since they were launched in 2009, the Global District Energy Climate Awards have offered visibility and recognition to the many communities, cities and campuses around the world that have embraced District Energy as a vital part of their sustainability planning.

The Global District Energy Climate Award and its event is the occasion where outstanding innovative projects are awarded. Find out more here

The Ceremony of the 5th Global District Energy Climate Awards edition will be held on Tuesday October 24th at the International District Cooling and Heating Conference.

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